Chasing Sundown

First blog of the new year, new decade. I have wasted no time in getting back in motion. Of course as many who have ever dieted or exercise, it doesn’t happen overnight, even though we mentally expect that.

Weather around here is insane. Temps have been unusually warm with beautiful sunshine. However, this weekend is calling for tons of rain. Wish I could send some of that to Australia!

I rushed home on Monday because I was determined to get my butt outside. During the winter months I have very little daylight minutes left. Let’s face it, age has made me a fair-weather runner. I cannot handle the bitter cold anymore. I literally ran into the house, dropped my stuff in the middle of the floor to change clothes, and then went back out the door.

The best part about my journey outdoors was I put on shorts. I was not passing up that amazing sunshine!

My goal was to do 30 minutes no matter if I walked the entire time. I just wanted outside.

I loved my view the entire route. I had the moon in front of me and the sun behind me.

I was beside myself when I ran a whole mile without stopping. This may not seem much to others, and it wouldn’t have been a big deal to me years ago, but this was pretty awesome. I then walked 0.25. I felt like that was a good turnaround spot.

With a little giddy-up in my step, I started running again. Whoop. Another mile down and I’m still smiling!

I had a few cars pass me so I had to maintain my perfect running posture to appear as if I’m the best. Duh..that’s what all runners do.

Heading home the sun was rushing to get down as my legs were getting longer. Darkness was trying to catch up quick to me, but I was no quitter.

I walked the last 0.25 back home. It gave me great reflection of my run. haha. That’s a lie. It gave me time to focus on my crazy Crime Junkie podcast. I had to figure out the psychosis of the murderer.

I was so happy and proud of myself for completing something outside. I reached my goal of 30 minutes, with total miles of 2.56 miles. I’m ready for summer to come along to have those longer days. Until then as Helen Keller says, “Keep your eyes on the sunshine and you cannot see its shadow. ”

Until next time… Peace out, Trout! And prayers for Australia!

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