Safely Running

Many years ago I wrote an article for Taekwondo Times called “Running to Safety”. This focused on using my trained self-defense skills into making sure each time I run, I run safely.

I have had many instances in my many years of running to make my mind better trained. I have been run off the road more than once. I have had many things thrown at me, and on me. The most worrisome was when I had someone follow me. The most important thing in having a safe run is common sense. No matter how much think you have common sense, we all lack it from time to time. I have a few suggestions I use and hopefully will help you, as well. (These tips are not just for running.)

Never run/walk the same path every time. You need to change your pattern. If someone becomes familiar with your pattern, they will know where are at a particular time.

Make sure someone knows your path. I always tell my hunka hunka the direction I’m running. He would know in the past if I weren’t back in a certain time as to which direction to go look for me. Move years forward with technology… I now turn on my LiveTrack with my Garmin watch. This sends a signal to his email. He is able to track my entire path I’m out. I absolutely LOVE this new feature!

If you feel you are being followed, NEVER lead them back to your house. Do you know a faster way to get home? Do you have a neighbor’s house to get to? Are you in a public place? Do you have your phone? This has a lot to do with common sense. Because I am a lone wolf in my running, I never run in the dark. I never go into a wooded, secluded area. I am ALWAYS aware of my surroundings.

As I mentioned in past blogs, I love my true crime podcasts. However, I keep my right ear free from headphone speaker. My right ear is what is next to traffic. I want to make sure I can still hear what’s going on around me. It’s a trick to listen with both ears, but it’s a necessary evil.

I love my fanny pack. I’m going retro and use a fanny pack these days. Since I listen to podcasts, I need my phone and loathe carrying items in my hand.

Fanny Pack from Amazon

My fanny pack gives me enough room to carry my phone, a couple other items, and my new self-defense weapon called “The Defender”. It’s a swanky new item given to me by my brother in the arts, Grandmaster John Enger.

One more thing I have in safety since I have been run off the road is having a Road ID. I have one on my shoes. Now with the burst of smart watches, Road ID makes an ID to go on your watch band. I have one on my watch, as well. If I ever get hit on the road and my shoe flies off, I’ll still have an ID on my wrist. This gives my name, address and my hunka hunka’s contact information. JUST. IN. CASE!

Road ID on my right shoe

I know not everyone can have the perfect setting to have the perfect run/walk. However, you have to use your common sense when stepping out the door.

Today was a beautiful day to get my lazy butt outside! While it was a bit of a struggle to even wog a half mile today, I still did it. I used all of the tips listed above, as I was struggling with every step. No matter how you do it, just do it safely. As much as I drive my hunka hunka crazy, I know he would rather see me come through that door at the end of a run, than to not come home at all. Well…at least that’s what I tell myself.

Peace out, Trout!

How I felt at the end…

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