Birds of spring…

We are in the woes of the coronavirus quarantine. I will not talk about it because there are enough articles, comments, and posts. I’m working from home due to this ‘outbreak’ so I’m going to write about how I’m managing.

Life has been throwing me bowling balls while I’m trying to balance dishes in both hands. I’m working from home and seem so much busier than in the office. I think part of it is my personal struggle of not turning off work. Today I refused to not even think about work..since it is Sunday, ya know!

My fridge is full and beans are in the crockpot. I jumped on the dreadmill because it’s too cold for this fatness to go outside. Since life has been so busy, I have neglected myself. No dieting. No walking. No nothing! Times…they are a changing…

I cranked up my Sword & Scale podcast and chugged along. My little Gracie Mae camped out by me for a bit until she heard my hunka hunka open his recliner.

I focused on the dead trees outside when all of a sudden a cardinal appeared in a tree and appeared to stare right at me. I blew it a kiss and it flew away. I snagged a grainy distant picture, but it was a cardinal.

As I continued to try to wog, the prettiest blue jay appeared in the back yard. The bird flew to the other side of the fence, and suddenly had a buddy. They must have been preparing a nest.

This could definitely be a baseball game… Blue Jays vs. Cardinals. Right now any current sports would be entertaining.

As I finished my 30 LONG minutes on the dreadmill, all of the birds scampering about in and around my yard made my heart smile. Despite the insanity going on in the world today, spring is here. God gives us these signs to show us to keep moving along. I felt a sense of peace while watching all the nature moving about, as if nothing has changed for them. God has a way of pulling my reigns, rather than pulling out the rug from underneath me before everything crashes down.

I’m proud of how much I could wog today, considering my current state. Hopefully my stupid ankle will hold up for me to do it again this week. I will make a conscience effort to step away from the computer for a reality break.

Stay safe. Peace out, Trout!

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