How goes me?

Still in quarantine over here, but I’m sticking to my guns. I have made a conscious effort to step away from my computer at work to move! Today was my third day to wog.

I was on the darn dreadmill twice this week. Today it was 64 outside. I would have been a fool to not get outside! This was the farthest away from my house I have been since Sunday. I’m not afraid of the coronavirus; I’ve just been working and cooking at home. No need to leave.

I always hated the dreadmill. Don’t get me wrong; I still do. You just stay in the same spot. This week was a little different. While being ‘trapped’ in my house, per se, I watched nature through my window on the dreadmill with all the birds and critters in my backyard.

Outdoors screamed my name. I was soaking up the fresh air. There’s a big difference of dreadmill versus road. My pace right now is better on dreadmill because I can control the speed. However, I’m a heel striker. When I’m on the road, I adjust my gait to compensate my bad ankle and am more of a ball-of-foot striker.

Traffic seemed to flow normally in my area. It didn’t feel much differently than before, until… I was approaching a lady who was walking towards me. All of a sudden she jumped off the sidewalk and over into a different lane. Thank goodness for sunglasses and no thought balloons. If she were so concerned, why was she out and why wasn’t she wearing a mask? COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. I’m sure I looked like I was lord, woman, I’m not sick…I’m just trying to wog!

I went 1.25 mi before I turned to head back. I figured that would hit around 30 minutes or so. I was nearing a roundabout when I saw a girl running my way. As she was getting closer, she wasn’t budging off the sidewalk. She was all smiles as she got closer. She waved and spoke to me. It was everything but a high five and a hug. She must have been equally happy to see another runner out on the road.

I watch the ground as I wog. I’m klutzy so I need to pay attention to where I step. I saw a gun made out of stick. Took me back to my childhood when I played cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers with the neighborhood kids. If we didn’t have a toy gun, we would search for a stick to pretend. Fun times!

At the last block before finishing, I saw the prettiest of blooms on a neighbor’s tree. While we are all so locked down in our houses, life is still going on. God is still blooming trees, growing grass, and spreading His love. We just need to open our eyes to see. Life is still moving on, folks! Breathe it in!

My time was much slower outside than on the dreadmill, but I had fresh air. It’s okay to slow my pace down and take in those moments God puts my way. Otherwise I’m too dang busy to see them.

Regarding the title of my blog today, I’m doing great over here in this quarantine. Still working too many hours, but taking that 30 minutes every day now for myself.

Stay safe. Stay well. Peace out, Trout!

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