Against the wind…

My Hunka Hunka always uses Yodaisms. Today was definitely a “Do or Do Not” day. I woke up with a headache. After visiting my dad who is hard of hearing and cold-natured, as in the TV was so loud and it was 79 F in his house, my headache increasingly became worse.

After visiting all of the parents, I needed to wog. A storm was brewing and I knew that was the cause of my headache. But…it was “Do” moment or I would have regretted the “Do Not” moment.

I realized I needed to stay upright because looking down increased the pain. I saw dark clouds ahead and knew I better hustle up. My face was feeling it pretty bad.

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Shifting my jaw to smile through the pain

For a mile, I was trying to fight against the wind. Well…let’s just add even more misery. Typically I try to solve my podcast murder before it’s over, but today I could barely focus on my podcast because I was too busy trying to figure out if my body was even moving.

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Storm a brewin’

Between fighting my headache, the wind, and racing a storm, I felt I was slowing to a crawl. Should I turn around and just go back? Nope…one thing I will say is once I start, I must finish. I’m my own worst competitor because I always feel like I need to be better than the last time out. Come on, runners, you KNOW you feel this way, too!

I made it to almost my turnaround spot and sent my Hunka Hunka a text that I was slower, but not giving up. He tracks my Garmin to make sure I’m safe, but I still wanted him to know it would take me longer. He sent me an encouraging reply. That’s all I needed.

When I turned around to head back, I look over at the church nearby and a peak of light was shining by the cross. Comforting. I can do this.

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Then my sweet daddy calls. He just wanted me to thank my Hunka Hunka over and over for fixing his door. The little things to us are big things to him. Humbling.

I pushed through the wind with every tiny step and made it home. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t pretty. BUT it was finished. My time was off and took a little longer, but I did it. The struggles with running are still there and will always be there, even when I’m stronger. I always am my own worst competitor, critic, everything. Who isn’t?!

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Running, wogging, or just exercising, in general, isn’t easy. I feel so much better afterwards though. It’s always comforting though when I walk in the door and my Hunka Hunka tells me I did a good job, no matter how sucky it was.

After I showered, ate a salad and took a moment, I was so happy I pushed through the pain and did it. After a heavy storm passed over, my headache felt a little relief.

I am enjoying the quarantine right now. It’s giving me time at lunch to exercise and I’m continuing it on the weekend. My Hunka Hunka and I visited my dad together (even though we nearly died from the heat) and visited his parents together. However, I think all the parents enjoyed seeing Gracie Mae more than us, but that’s okay. She’s worth it. Who couldn’t love this face this any more?

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Keep wogging along.

Stay safe. Stay well. Peace out, Trout!

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