Bright New Day…

I know. I know. Another running blog. I’m quarantined! I promise I’ll write a food blog this week because I cooked an amazing dish today!

I wrote yesterday about a storm brewing. And boy, did it brew! Two tornadoes were recorded touching down. We were not affected other than just heavy storms, but just five miles east of us were terribly hit, and my hometown was hit. Thankfully there were no fatalities. My dad called last night just after it passed us to make sure we were okay. He had 90 mph winds but it did not touch at his house, thank the Lord. Little blessings.

I stepped out to try to wog today. My joints were a little achy, but the day was so much brighter than yesterday. It was also 20 degrees cooler, which was crazy. I just could not waste that sunshine.

The wind was pretty significant still today. I even had trouble hearing my podcast. I felt pain from my ankles up to my hips. Once I found my groove, the pain dissipated. The day sure was gorgeous. Today’s view was so much different than yesterday’s.

I had been having to walk at mile one, but I pushed to go a little further. I was feeling a bit of a stitch. A stitch is that pain you felt as a kid when you were running so hard and suddenly it felt like someone was trying to rip out your left lung through your rib cage. Back in my avid running days, I was asked how I got past a stitch. Heavier breathing made it hurt worse. I would start to take short, shallow breaths until the pain went away. This is what works for me. It takes about a mile and then I forget I ever have one.

I was able to run two miles before I had to walk. It was also right at that moment, my dang headphones died. I had a half mile left. I walked a bit before finishing the final 0.2 miles wogging. I followed my shadow home.

It was a such a beautiful day. I don’t know where my spunk of energy came from, but I’m glad I had it. I didn’t realize I was even faster until I stopped my watch. Shaved off over three minutes of my time from yesterday.

Again…stay safe. Stay well. Peace out, Trout!

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