Run Anyway

This happened a couple days ago, but just now finding time to write. I’m a creature of habit, as most humans are. I am excitedly up to wogging three miles. Trust me..that’s no easy task. BUT I’m one who will find something that works…and sticks with it. Right now it’s my clothes. It’s difficult to find a decent sports bra..women understand! I’m currently fond of a white sports bra, blue tank top, and black and pink shorts. No…they don’t match. No…I don’t care. They work for me!

I’ll tend to wear my outfit a couple times. I hate to wash after every run, even though I sweat a lot, because I don’t want to go without it. Don’t judge!

Leading into the point of my blog, I’ll give another insight to my wogs. Safety is my #1 concern. I am trained in self-defense. I even teach women’s self-defense. I have an ID on my watch and shoe. I have been run off the road more than once. I have been followed and I have had things thrown on me. I figure if I’m hit, my watch will hopefully still be on my arm. If I’m attacked and taken, I can kick off my shoe. I turn on LiveTrack on my watch so my hunka hunka gets a direct link to my location. He would know if I shifted off course, something was wrong. I also carry two different weapons on me. I won’t say what they are; I’ll just suggest you don’t try to attack me.

Nothing could top the biggest defense mechanism I had on Saturday. I was on Day 3 of my running clothes. My Hunka Hunka was going to wash my clothes, but said he would wait for me to get a run in. The weather was nice, except for a headwind, but I didn’t want to pass up the awesome temps. My clothes smelled something awful. I’m seriously cracking up writing this. I could barely stand myself. Thank goodness the wind was carrying the funk away from my nose.

During my wog, I passed six people. I can only imagine their faces when they got a whiff after I passed. I kept on trotting along. I was ecstatic to reach the light, which is my halfway point to turn around and head home.

I had a crazy headwind for over a mile, but I kept digging deep. I ran with more confidence today because I knew I had no concern of any crazies out there. Even if some idiot TRIED to get me, they wouldn’t keep me for too long because this girl stank! My Hunka Hunka was saying, “WHObastank? Youbastank.”

Tip for the day…want to deter attackers, make sure you stink. haha. Seriously…always be smart when you are out and about!

I finished my three miles without walking one bit. Whoop. Proud of myself.

Don’t let anything keep you from your goals, even stinky clothes!

Until next wog…Peace out, Trout!

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