Charge Your Batteries!

Today was absolutely picture perfect. Mid to high 50s. Beautiful bright sunny day. Yesterday was a different story, hot and humid.

I live in a high humidity area. My Hunka Hunka went for a walk yesterday morning and warned me it was pretty hot. I had a full morning of meetings and jumped out at lunch. I needed the reality break.

He wasn’t kidding. It was mega hot. I had to walk a couple times. I still completed the three miles, but it was a challenge. I can blame it on the weather, being tired, need new shoes, or just wasn’t in the right mind. No…I owned it and just said it was a challenging run. Acclimating to this humidity takes time. It flat out sucked to no end!

I decided I wasn’t going to run today. My body needed to rest. My favorite running clothes weren’t dry. But dang it, it sure was pretty. Crazy morning of meetings pushed me even more. I worked through lunch and decided to jump out in the afternoon.

As soon as I started, my headphones talked to me, “Battery low.” Crapola. I forgot to charge my headphones. That means I have five minutes of life left. WRONG. I had 4:23 left before they shut down. I’m going to have run this half naked. (Naked means no headphones, no watch). I had my watch.

Things were going well. However, when I reached my halfway mark to turn around, the wind hit me like a mack truck. Holy crap, that wind was strong. I felt like Michael Jackson in his “Smooth Criminal” video.

I kept my head down to let the wind try to blow over me as much as possible. At times I would look up to make sure the scenery changed to know I was actually moving.

I chugged on and made it home. I was happy. You can see in the picture my ponytail is blowing horizontal.

I was content with my time considering I ran against the wind for a mile.

I immediately walked in and started charging my headphones. Ironically, my body felt recharged by just being outside. No matter how tough of a day you have, or how much you think you’re struggling, step outside and charge your batteries. You would be amazed how you will feel afterwards.

Peace out, Trout!

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