New Kicks

One thing I will always spend hard-earned money on is running shoes. My footsies are important. Add weak ankles to the equation and it increases my need for better shoes.

As I aged through my running years, stability shoes are a requirement. If you’re just entering my running blogs, I severely overpronate and have sprained my right ankle five times and left ankle three times, none of which were done while running.

I have always been a fan of Brooks Adrenaline. They served me well for so many years. Their 2010/2011 years were the best. They seem to change over time, and not in the correct way. Last year I wanted to get back into running. I read reviews the 2019 series changed. Size ran smaller and just not as supportive. Brooks have never let me down…or did they? I ordered a bigger size and just could never get them to serve me properly. My ankles hurt worse after each run.

I did tons of research on what I needed for me being older, heavier, and weaker joints. Hoka One One Gaviota shoes kept popping up. I caved and bought a pair. Stability shoes aren’t the prettiest. In fact, these wide-bottomed soles remind me of the ‘Jimmy shoe’ Kramer wore in a “Seinfeld” episode, minus the spring.

I read my calves would be sore after the first few runs due to the tight stability, so I could not wait to try these babies out.

I didn’t run the full three miles. I could tell a mile into it my bad ankle was really achy. I kept pushing through. I cut the route to just 2.6 miles to avoid a big up/down hill.

I can tell these shoes have more cushion, which is needed. I took in scenery while I bounced from cloud to cloud in my new shoes. I thought new shoes made you run faster, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Let’s pause the running blog for a moment…I saw a cool hawk soaring. I love to watch them circle, wondering what they are watching. Always keep looking up!

Back to my shoes… What I will say is I love the feel around my feet. I like the mesh upper lining for breathable running. Hours after I finished, my bad ankle was stiff and still hurting. However, I think that’s a good thing. I think I was compensating it for too long. The Gaviotas are going to help align my ankle for smoother runs. (At least that’s what I’m hoping for…)

I’m very excited about my purchase and can’t wait to get back out again.

Tomorrow is Easter. I stopped for a couple seconds to capture my church’s cross as I passed. He’s Alive! God bless everyone.

Peace out, Trout!

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