Better Days…

It’s been a week since I purchased my new running shoes. (Blog: My New Kicks). Yesterday was my fourth time using them. I have to say I think they do make me run faster.

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I read where it would take a few runs for my joints to adjust to the alignment. That reviewer was NOT kidding. I still feel lots of pain in those, especially my bad ankle, but I’m not a quitter. I push through to make it a mind over matter. I honestly feel the pain is adjusting my ankles to better form and technique.

Yesterday I had my best run. I didn’t even know it till I was done. I was concerned when I started out. My joints were achy. It had been a damp, cool week with freezing temps. My podcast took a couple efforts to stay connected. Stupid me tried to delete one I listened to and ended up deleting the entire library. My blind eyes couldn’t see and I started a random podcast, which I normally would have skipped.

Once I got in the groove of running, I didn’t feel fast by any means. Today’s world of fast for me is wogging a 12 minute mile.

It was 54 outside. Wind was minimal. Sun was shining. I didn’t stop to take pictures as I didn’t want to fumble along with my phone trying to get a shot of any scenery….just imagine it in my mind. Fields of gold. Birds soaring. Sun smiling on my face.

I didn’t want to even glance at my watch because even hundredths of a second matter. #RunningTimesMatter (haha – I made up that hashtag!)

As I was approaching my road with 0.2 miles left of my run, a stupid van acted like it was going to let me cross the street, but then sped up. Idiots! (All the more reason I wear RoadID…you just never know when you may get hit!) I safely crossed worrying about how many seconds the idiot van caused me.

The podcast I listened to ended up being informational. Myrtle Beach is the largest location in their state for sex trafficking. Perpetrators go during spring break and pick up naive girls. Sad ending for two girls in the story, and who knows how many more! PARENTS – NEVER LET YOUR KIDS GO ON SPRING BREAK ALONE!

Anywho…when I stopped my watch at the end, I was both ecstatic and shocked! I had my best time I have had in six years. My watch even captured the moment for me.

I was so happy to have that time. Hope I can continue this pace…literally! Quarantine has done me good. (Bad grammar intended)

I am still a happy camper. Resting today with my Hunka Hunka watching the new season of “Bosch” while cooking beans in the crockpot. Perfect plans for the gloomy weather today.

Stay safe. Stay well. Peace out, Trout!

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