A Quarantined Me

Hard to believe I’ve been working from home for many weeks now. It’s easy to go stir crazy. However, the secluded me is loving this quarantine. I have a great manager who encourages the work/life balance. I’m doing so much better at turning off at lunch, and at the end of the day.

A typical day for me starts at 5:15. My body wakes up without an alarm. I go for my coffee first thing and get logged into work. Gracie Mae loves her morning routine of treats and snuggles. I make it through meetings, work, etc. and then I’m ready for lunch.

If the weather is decent, I head out the door. (If not, I’ll read) Today was Ahhh-may–ing! The sun was shining. The temp was perfect. I could not wait to get out there to see blue skies.

I cranked up my podcast and headed out the door. My hunka hunka and I make a great team. When I get back from a run, he takes off on a walk. I love that I’m able to run three miles consistently each time without walking. I feel so good in the end to do this.

When we’re both finished, we sit and have lunch together, like old times. I typically eat a salad for lunch most days with a side of pickled beets (my mom would be so proud). Then I log in for a couple more hours of work.

My afternoon consists of cooking dinner, taking Gracie Mae out back, and feeding the birds. I’m loving all of nature I’m able to see, thanks to this slow down.

I know it seems the country may open up in the near future to find a new norm in going back to work. People keep talking about how the old norm was so bad. I didn’t mind how the old ways were. When I go to the grocery store now, other customers are flat out rude and unfriendly. I miss kindness. How difficult is it to just be cordial? We are all going through this together.

Just for the record, I’m digging the quarantine. I never have been a big peopley groupy person anyway, contrary to other’s thoughts. (I have you all fooled!)

My day ends by taking Gracie Mae to bed at 8. She tells me when she’s ready. I watch a little of “Everybody Loves Raymond” before I shut my eyes to start over again tomorrow.

Gracie Mae is the best work-from-home partner.

Stay safe. Stay well. Peace out, Trout! KEEP SMILING!

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