In Stitches

Today is the saddest day of the year… summer solstice. Tells me that winter is on its way. It was mega hot but I knew I could not pass up running today. My running has been a little off lately. But I must run in celebration of heat, sunshine, summer, life.

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Many years ago I remember reading in Runner’s World a calculation of knowing if you’re hydrated enough for a run. In my area, humidity is a beast. Weigh yourself before and after you run. If your weight stays the same, you were perfectly hydrated. If your weight goes up a pound or more, you were too hydrated. If your weight goes down a pound or more, you were not hydrated enough. To this day, I still obsess about it.

I used to get stitches as a kid, but didn’t know what they were. I would run around playing with my friends not realizing why I had this pain in my side. It was that stabbing, piercing pain. I learned when I started running what a stitch really was. That was a quick reminder of making sure I was hydrated enough. Anytime I am under-hydrated, I don’t have to weigh after a run. My body tells me so through the seething pain in my ribs.

Less than a mile into my run, I get a nagging stitch. Dang it. There are many ‘suggestions’ to getting rid of a stitch, and then there’s my cure:

  • “Raise your arms” (For some reason people may think I’m nuts if I’m running with my arms up.)
  • “Walk” (I don’t want to walk. I’m running…hello!)
  • Apply pressure to the stitch” (This one isn’t too bad, but doesn’t always work for me)

SHORT, QUICK BREATHS. This was not a suggestion…this is my cure! Trust me…I’m no expert…I just know what works for me! Deeper I breathe, the more piercing pain I feel. It can take a few minutes to work through it. Think about the Lamaze breathing. Short, quick breaths of breathing out through my mouth. Before I even realize it, the stitch is gone. I immediately find my stride again.

Today is the first stitch I have had since I have been back into running. I would bet the farm it was because I did not have enough water to drink in time to prepare for the hot run.

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At the end of my run, I was glad I didn’t have to walk, as I have had to do more than once this past week. I was slower than normal. I started off in stitches in the run, but ended contently, no matter the struggle.

Running isn’t easy. I have moments where I want to just say “Screw it”. However, running is needed. No matter how tired, or how difficult the run, I always feel so much better mentally when I’m finished. A little pat on my back for doing it.

I’m going to hold onto summer as long as I can..and I cannot let this horrific winter approaching deprive me of today. I’m living in the moment.

Until next time, Peace out, Trout!

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2 thoughts on “In Stitches

  1. Julia

    Today I saw two 20ish men holding up Pier One going out of business signs in the blazing sun. I felt so bad for them. I asked them how long they were working and they told me 5 hours. It was way too hot to stand out there for so long. I brought them both some cold drinks and spent the rest of the afternoon hoping they made it through the day. Maybe I should have told them to breath shallow if they got a stitch! 😄

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