To Walk or Not To Walk

Today was a hot one. Traditional midwest humid day. I love this weather. I loathe snow and ice. However, it does create a bit of a running issue.

Tomorrow is my normal running day, but my schedule will not allow it. I figured I would venture out today, but with caution. Heat and humidity both were high.

Walking is overrated. My lord I felt like I was barely moving. I can’t believe people walk for miles. But then I guess people would say the same thing to me about running. To each their own.

It was so hot when I was out, the worms were carrying umbrellas to block the sun. I could literally feel the heat coming off the street. haha.

When I run, I’m a ball-of-foot striker. When I walk, I’m a heel striker. Striking with my heel causes back pain. When my back would hurt, I would wog for a little while to alleviate the pain. I didn’t wog for too long because the heat and humidity were burning my lungs like a hot poker.

My word this blog feels like one long complaint.

I was pleasantly surprised with all the outdoor activity. I passed several walkers. Neighbor kids were out playing basketball. And a young kid was mowing grass. We in the midwest dig this heat.

I made it to the end, but not without dying a little.

I was slower because of the walking, but I’m glad I got my time in today. Next time I’ll just wog it through. My back and patience are not up for all that dang walking. You can see the sweat on my wrist in the picture below.

Staying fit some days literally suck. The older you get, the harder it is to push through the excuses to not sit. I remind myself I want to live healthy, and that gets me out the door. (But come winter in the freezing cold may be another story)

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Peace out, Trout!

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