Holding On…

This insane year is only 18 days from reaching its end. The entire world can agree how awful it’s been. This has been the year of Murphy’s Law. Bad news after bad news. This blog is not a resolution, but more of a realization.

As I took my Gracie Mae for a walk today, I noticed on different branches how there would be a leaf, alive or dead, still hanging on to its branch. It made me stop and think about how deep that can go. Is the leaf holding on and afraid to let go? Or is it being strong and resilient to fight until that big strong wind knocks it off its feet, or stem, per se?

Seeing the different leaves hanging on made me look within myself. One thing this year has taught me, more than I already felt I had, was perseverance. Many hardships, and losses, were faced this year. I had to dig deep and find the strength within. Another thing this year taught me was resilience. While being resilient doesn’t come easy to adults, I feel like I had a bit of it. I felt as the few and far between leaves are hanging on to their branches, my resilience is the same. I have faced strong storms this year, but I’m still holding on to my branch. At times, I even feel weathered and beaten from the constant strong winds.

At what point will the leaf let go? Will it be that one final gust that takes it out, knowing spring holds new beginnings? Will it continue to hold on to what it thinks it still has? Or will it give up on its own and voluntarily fall to figure out how to become new again?

I know many have faced adversity after adversity during the worst year ever. But how do you see yourself? Will you continue to hold until you’re forced to let go? Or will you let go on your own? I end with the prettiest leaves I saw who were still holding strong. They still had vibrant colors and life left in them. I think I’ll do my best to find this beauty, and strength, within.

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. Peace out, Trout!

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