Beer Cheese Soup – Say Whaaat?!

My friend, Sara, knows how much I love cooking and trying new recipes. She sent me a recipe for beer cheese soup. I looked it over. Seriously….how can you go wrong with beer and cheese! Hello…I love cheese. And beer. I’m like SCJ Kavanaugh, “I like beer.” I just went to the store this week and bought a big supply of cheese. (Enough to keep you locked up for a month!) Note: The habanero cheese is to die for! I wish I bought more than one.

I gathered my ingredients and was ready to go head first into this divine recipe….AND it’s keto friendly!! I know my keto-loving readers will love this and must take full advantage.

I gathered all of my items and my soup pot. Did I mentioned this soup has BACON?!!

Use a half pound bacon and cut into pieces. The recipe calls for 1/2 inch pieces, but it is entirely up to you. I like to chop all of my veggies ahead of time. When you are cooking with stuff on the stove, any second matters on preventing burning. The recipe said to finely chop the veggies, but I’m more of a dice person. I like to taste my veggies. I used one medium onion, one red bell pepper, and one jalapeno – with the seeds removed. I knew I was sharing this soup, but wasn’t sure of the heat tolerance of others. My veggies were Christmasy (or Italian flagish) haha!

Cook the bacon. Remove the pieces to soak on a paper towel, as well as dispose of most of the grease from the pot. Add the veggies in to cook until tender. Then add 4 tbs. butter. Once that is melted, add flour to incorporate and then add that tasty bottle of beer. Of course I add my personal favorite, Bud Light.

Once the beer has thickened with the flour roux, add 3/4 cup heavy cream and two cups of chicken broth. Bring that to a simmer. Add 2 oz. pepper jack, 4 oz. mild cheddar, and 6 oz. sharp cheddar.

Once all melted, add the bacon back in and season with salt and pepper. Voila! It was very tasty. With new recipes, I tend to follow them fairly close. Next time I believe I’ll substitute the jalapeno and bell pepper for a can of Rotel. I think I would add some gruyere cheese, as well. Those flavors would give a necessary yummy kick to it. This is totally keto! You could make it less keto by serving in a bread bowl…or it would make an amazing dip! If you plan to make this, it only makes about 4-5 servings. If you want more, you would need to double the recipe.

Original recipe found HERE.

Until next time.. Stay safe. Peace out, Trout!

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