Eggcellent Detox

Are you still coming out of your Thanksgiving coma? I know I have been lazy in my eating. Woke up today with a “get your poopoo together” attitude.

I don’t necessarily claim to be on a keto diet. I’m a numbers person. I count calories, rather than just not eating something in particular, e.g. carbs. People have asked many times for keto recipes. They have said they need to change it up. I’ll give ideas for recipes. Like I said, I’m not full on keto, but don’t stress too hard on how to do it simply. I like easy.

I could never be full on keto, primarily for the fact I do love me some tasty carbs. However, I am keto-ish. I limit my carbs. I do feel there is benefit to eating more protein and less carbs. Helps that leaning down process.

I had the simplest of a lunch. Why blog about something so insanely simple? Because some folks put way too much thought in going keto, when you probably have the items already in your fridge.

I made a simple egg white omelet.

Frozen chopped onions are my lifesaver. I have them in my freezer all the dang time! I also had a yellow bell pepper I chopped. I put those in a skillet on medium low with a little olive oil.

I love anything and everything oniony. I love the smell, the taste…just everything. The aroma this was creating while sautéing was nothing short of yummy goodness.

Once my onions became translucent and the pepper softened a bit, I poured in my egg whites. I don’t separate real eggs to get egg whites, as that would be a waste of yolk. I just buy a carton of pure egg whites. Every other day studies go back and forth regarding cholesterol and egg yolks. As I said earlier in this blog, I am a numbers person. I only use egg whites because it is less calories than keeping the yolks in there. That has nothing to do with the cholesterol side.

I am no graceful chef who flips omelets like you see on TV. They have little kitchen fairies who clean their messes. I am my own kitchen fairy. I will lessen my mess as much as I can. When the center of the egg whites are starting to harden, that is when I carefully turn it over.

After I flip the omelet as graceful as I can, I go ahead and add my cheese. I must have eaten all of my gruyere cheese. That is such a great melting cheese. I opted for all I had, colby jack. That is equally tasty.

When I serve it on my plate, I fold to create, in my eyes, the perfect omelet. Now…not sure what happened, unless I was starving, but I somehow missed the final picture. I added freshly ground black pepper and indulged in the tasty cheesy moment. Just imagine how amazing it looked.

As we are nearing the first of the year where most people panic on trying to lose weight, there is no better time to start than now. What are you waiting for?? Now is the time to take care of you.

Stay safe. Stay EGGcellent. Peace out, Trout!

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