My Hips My Hips My Hips

I’m so excited I have to write another blog. The elliptical has truly been a huge turnaround. Sara invited me to go to her gym again today. She wanted to work off some of her thanksgiving dinner. How many of us ate too much on Thanksgiving and feel a little guilty today? Me. Me. Me.

I’m proud of myself not eating too much of the dinner. HOWEVER, my great niece made bread pudding. My piece was as big as my plate, and I am not referring to a dessert plate, either. That first bite instantly took me back to my childhood when my mom would make this and I could eat it fresh out of the pan. My sweet Lexi Lou gave me a piece of my mom last night, it warmed my heart and belly. BUT I ate enough for all of us combined.

I was ready to give the elliptical another go today. I remembered my headphones so I didn’t have to listen to Guns N Roses and Metallica on repeat. Listening to podcast about a murderer who was captured and put to death for stalking and killing multiple women gave me the boost to enjoy the workout. (Thank you, Crime Junkies!)

When I looked down, I had to laugh. The Kentuckian in me was shining bright. I was totally rednecking in my black shoes and white socks. Thank goodness the socks were pretty low cut, or it would have looked much worse. Don’t be distracted by my sexy thighs.

Again…another great 30 minute workout without an ounce of pain in my hips. Go me! I really need an elliptical at home. My friend’s passes are only till end of year. Next time I’m going to push it a little harder because I don’t feel like I was doing anything, which can be a good thing. Sara said I should do a programmed workout to change it up.

I was proud of what I did and am not complaining in the least bit. I’m still smiling big time at the end. I have no shame in how rough I look, bags under eyes, wrinkles, and crazy veins popping. I’m smiling…that’s what matters.

After our workout, we went for a big salad and enjoyed each other’s company. I’m glad we were both off today. We haven’t spent this much time together in forever.

The best part was the ride home. She told me a story of when her car got stuck a couple years in the snow. I laughed so hard I was crying. This time it was happy tears. This was my crazy laugh where it sounds like I have a smoker’s cough. We all need to experience a deep laugh from time to time. Good for the soul.

Until next time, stay safe. Stay healthy. Most importantly…Peace out , Trout!

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