Ahead of the Game

A great NFL game was coming on today. Sara asked if I wanted to do elliptical with her. YES! My weekly workout will still happen.

With the holidays approaching (and more eating, of course), I thought I better kick it a little harder today. It’s always important to eat a balanced meal, 80% healthy, and also, exercise. However, we are human. So the 20% you don’t eat so healthy may be higher during Christmas. I get it! I’m making Reese’s peanut butter fudge and candy cane truffles. I know I’ll indulge this week. I have to taste test, right?!

I opted to do an interval workout today rather than just basic general elliptical. Every minute the intensity alternated from easy to less easy. I won’t say it was ever hard, but it did encourage me to push myself. Sara was near me, but in her own world.

I’m glad I could focus on the my Crime Junkie podcast. I was disappointed the killer was never found…dang it. My mind starts to wander everywhere and I like to people watch. The gym wasn’t very crowded. I would make up stories in my head on the person and what their profession was. I’m sure I was way off, but at least it was my personal entertainment.

As I was nearing the 30 minute mark, Sara was still going. I told her I would stop when she did. When the intensity minute was increased, I could definitely feel the burn. I was pouring in sweat. That’s a good thing. I needed the work. My heart needed the cardio.

I was beginning to wonder how long Sara was going to go. Not my most attractive look, but mercy, my legs were starting to burn.

I finished at 36 minutes. I was proud of myself for doing more than 30 minutes, but also for the fact I had no hip pain. I really like this elliptical. If the distance is correct, I’m excited I did a 5K distance. This makes me so happy, along with a happy hip!

I got home, showered, and ate a late lunch all before the afternoon game started. Elliptical was the mental break I needed. Work tomorrow – with a million things waiting on me. I will try not to worry till tomorrow. Today – my brain is clear.

In the middle of holiday chaos, find your mental break.

Now I must watch football.

Peace out, Trout!

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