American Chop Suey

If you’re a true NKOTB fan, then you know who Alma Wahlberg is. Many years ago she released some of her favorite recipes in how she fed nine kids on a single income. While inspiring, I found recipes of hers to try. I have made this recipe according to her details, but yesterday I decided to make it my own.

This gave me the opportunity to also use my new Dutch oven. I have always wanted one of these pots. They are the crème de la crème of cookware. A true cook appreciates this gem. I never thought I would have one of my own, but here I am living the dream. I was surprised at Christmas with this jewel. AND…it’s my favorite color. I feel so loved.

I didn’t capture a snapshot of all my ingredients, but here are the primary ones. This recipe is semi-keto. All my keto followers will love this. There’s just one switch to make to make it 100% keto.

Get a pot of water boiling. You will need this cook macaroni, or pasta of your choice. I cut the bacon in one inch pieces and cooked that about halfway through. You do not want to have crispy bacon or it will not make this a smooth eating dish. Look how pretty bacon looks cooking in my new dish…and do you see my matching silicone utensil. Priorities, ya know?!

Once the bacon reaches desired cooking level, add chopped onion, a chopped bell pepper (any color), a pound of ground beef, and salt and pepper. You can use any color bell pepper. I chose a green, even though it had a smidge of orange in it. I want stronger flavors in this dish, and not get lost in other ingredients. Cook these until the meat is cooked through, and no longer pink.

So far I have been following Alma’s recipe, but here’s where I change it up. Alma says to use three cans of whole tomatoes and then crush them in pan. Huh?! Alma – they sell cans of crushed tomatoes…hello! But I also wanted to add a little kick. Instead of all the tomatoes, I use two cans of diced tomatoes and green chilies (Rotel). I love Rotel! I also added two cans of crushed tomatoes into the pot. The picture is to die for!

Now…if you are 100% keto…can’t have pasta…stop right here. Let this simmer for about 15 minutes and serve it up! However, I’m not full on keto, I just don’t eat tons of carbs. Remember you started a pot of water to boil. While this beauty is simmering, cook your macaroni to al dente status. Drain and dump into this pot of deliciousness.

I stir long enough to blend everything and make sure all is heated through. I add tons more black pepper. Serve into a bowl..and I even topped with sprinkle cheese. I could not wait to indulge. If you haven’t figured me out yet, I love yellow! (Even my bowl was yellow!)

Tasty goodness. This made plenty for leftovers today, a full bowl to freeze, and another full bowl to share with Sara. She loves when I cook because she knows she doesn’t have to on Sundays.

I hope you enjoyed my way of American Chop Suey. Beyond tasty. It’s like a chili mac with bacon! My new Le Creuset dish cleaned up nicely. I can’t wait to use again. This is the wide Dutch oven. I have my eye on the round Dutch oven, maybe next Christmas. That will take cooking to a whole new level.

Peace out, Trout

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