OK…I’m totally AMA today, but then when have I ever not been AMA when it came to me? (AMA – against medical advice) I thought long and hard about this whole hip situation that I have blogged many times regarding. My ortho said I ‘shouldn’t’ run as that will speed up my hip replacement. Let’s think about this for a sec…once I get a hip replacement, my running days are over. I’m going to have to a hip replacement anyway…at some point. Continuing to run will speed the need. I want you to for a second think about something you truly love….I mean something you feel would kill you to give it up. Do you stop in order to ‘be smart’, or do you keep doing it until you are forced? I’m going with the latter. I am a blonde Kentuckian; I’m already assumed to not be the sharpest tool anyway. Don’t want to let anyone down.

I recently called the office and asked if I could hike post hip replacement, even though that surgery will not happen before I’m 50…come hell or high water. I found a love in hiking during vacation, but not ready to let go of running quite yet. It is my one love! I was told I could hike post hip replacement, but no rock climbing. Where the hell did rock climbing come into the conversation?

This girl is NOT graceful. No worries on rock climbing. When I was on vacation, I was on the edge at the top of Mt. Constitution and heard a new bird sound. Not paying attention, I lost my footing and started falling. I felt like I was falling slow motion. I remember Missy screaming, “AUNT MICKI!”. I pivoted and landed so hard on a rock. Thankfully the temps were cooler and wore leggings because my legs were so beat up for days on end. I’m a total klutz…I don’t think the doctor needs to worry about me climbing rocks.

Anywho…back to the point of my blog. (I’m a squirrel and totally drift often). Today was a beautiful day. Wasn’t happy with the football game being shown so I thought I would jump out. Ignore my belly…I gained a few pounds on vacation and I don’t have that six pack I used to have. I do have a six pack there…but I call it Bud Light. Don’t hate…it’s my only vice in life.

Running is such freedom of the mind, my only escape from life. I started feeling that stupid ass pain in my hip. I check my distance. 1.26 miles. Are you FN kidding me? I’m not even halfway into my run. I refuse to walk, but I’m not a quitter. No pain, no gain. I kept chugging along. I cranked my music up louder and tried to delve deep into the songs.

I won’t lie; I was happy when I reached my turnaround. Thankfully running in my neighborhood is like NASCAR racing, only left turns. However, I my turnaround spot is a median and had to pivot on my right side (bad hip) and nearly puked from pain. I didn’t give up though…just spit a few nails and probably loudly dropped the fbomb.

I was mentally happy to be home. Since I’m a numbers person, I track every dang run. My time was nowhere near where I wanted it to be, but considering I haven’t run since August, I’ll take it.

I finished the run with a slight smile, for the most part. I won’t be able to run as frequently as I know my recovery time will be more than it used to, but I just cannot give it up yet. I leave so much on the pavement with every step I take. Trust me…I have a lot that each step pounds in from pieces of my life I enjoy leaving behind. This girl isn’t broken. I never was. I’m more like a weeping willow; I sway with the wind and my strength perseveres.

Just this past week I booked a trip in May with a friend. It’s a tour vacation of seeing five National Parks in 7 days. We will be hopping, but I’ll have my hiking legs ready to take on the next adventure. I have so much on my bucket list to see before I die.

As I write this, I have frozen corn on my hip. Ortho says I can take ibuprofen and drink my Bud Light, or Tylenol and no Bud Light. I’ll let you all figure out what I chose as my recovery.

Until next time….Peace out, Trout!

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