New Start??

It has been four months since I first injured my ankle, which turned out to be a fracture. I just graduated from a boot to a brace. Almost feeling normal being able to wear a left shoe again.

My ankle ortho kept telling me I should take up cycling. With my already known hip degeneration and now this insane ankle injury, he thinks I need to re-evaluate my cardio. But I love running so much…

I started researching stationary bikes. I’m a tad clueless. I asked a friend who is a cyclist expert. I kept seeing different options on Amazon, but I had no idea what to buy. Flywheel. Magnetic resonance. My head was spinning more than the bike. My friend gave me suggestions but they were over $500 suggestions. Running is free. I didn’t quite commit to those recommendations.

I was grocery shopping at Aldis, my favorite store, a couple weeks ago. They have this amazing Aisle of Shame. I found a Proform bike for $202.50. I couldn’t turn it down for that price. If I don’t use it for long, then I’m not out too much money.

I was still in my boot so the manager loaded it into my car and my boyfriend unloaded and carried into my house. It was fairly simple to put together and I was proud of myself. I sent my friend a picture and he was shocked at the price. He said I got a great bike.

I have done zero cardio since October but no better time than now.

Holy hell, what did I get myself into?! I turned down the resistance and started spinning. I had a padded seat and padded shorts on.

I looked at the time…only 5 minutes. Oh dear lord. I’m going to die. Running is not this hard!

I tried to watch tv but I could only focus on how long I had been on the bike. I struggled to push to 10 minutes. Don’t be hating. That was the longest 10 minutes EVER.

I tried to keep smiling but I was dying on inside. I guess 10 minutes is better than nothing. I didn’t realize how hard this would be. Again…running is not this hard. But I’m not a quitter. I have gained 16 pounds since I broke my ankle. I need to do something and this is the next best thing to running. So I have been told!

I will try to brave it again tomorrow…that is if my flat, bony ass can sit on the seat.

Until next time..peace out trouts!

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