Weekend Reprieve

I know, I know… I haven’t blogged in a while. Please stay with me! I’ll work harder at doing better. I went from having the worst weeks at work to now having a personal life. I’m loving the personal life side now. Also makes work more tolerable.

Hard to believe Thanksgiving was just three days ago. It was an amazing day. I used to prepare a huge spread of dishes from scratch. All of the meal was organized and planned accordingly by a detailed spreadsheet. It was a nice reprieve this year to only have to cook my infamous (most requested) meatballs, and prepare a cheese ball.

I am so thankful for all I have. My niece calls me the matriarch of the family. I have no one above me and no one beside me. I am the oldest generation person living in my family. I felt that sting to my heart a little bit on Thanksgiving, but I feel like I’m learning my purpose on Earth and why God has kept me here.

My family count went from 0 to 50 in no time. My boyfriend’s extended family is HUGE. They all welcomed me as if I have been part of their family forever. I was a little overwhelmed with everyone as I’m not used to that many people, but I could see the love shared. I enjoyed being a part of all that love.

By the time we cycled back to my nieces and my greats, we were dead. Even little Gracie Mae was worn out. She was begging me with those eyes to take her home so she could crash.

We moved slowly into the weekend…dragging our exhausted selves. My lifelong friend, Miranda, jetted through town and stopped by briefly for a visit. It was so great to see her in a positive setting. The last three times she has come to town has been for funerals. She gave me an early Christmas gift that she may be moving within a two hour difference, rather than being six hours away. I sure hope this comes to fruition. She has lived away from me since 1997.

Since the days were overflowing with Thanksgiving food, I had planned a nice dinner Saturday night for just my boyfriend and me. I prepared salmon and asparagus. I don’t why I seem to always pair those together, but it just works. I seasoned my asparagus with Italian seasoning dry packet. (I put that sh*t on everything!) I’m opening his pallet to foods he is not used to, but it warms my heart to do so. He said asparagus was an adjustment, but he cleaned his plate. I’m guessing he enjoyed it much more than he showed.

As this holiday weekend is drawing to a close, it was truly a nice weekend reprieve to reflect on where I have been to where I am. Even with all my losses and emptiness my family has left, my heart is full. I know they are sending me love from Heaven. I have a distinct feeling they sent him to me.

Until next time, Peace out, Trout!

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