Never Say Never

I can truly say…”Never Say Never”. I ate those words last night. I used to cook monthly meals for my dad. I would freeze them so he could pull them down to thaw as he needed them. It helped me knowing he was getting a warm meal every day. And he loved the food….especially my mashed taters.

I cooked over 35 pounds of taters every year for my dad. When I say he loved them, I mean he REALLY loved them.

Now this blog today will not have many pictures to show, but this post is not about the pictures, but about the message.

As I wrote back in late spring, I lost my sweet daddy on May 8. As I was cleaning out his house, I threw away a few of my bowls of mashed taters he never got to eat. I told myself I would never cook them again. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Never say never.

I have been dating someone for two months (tomorrow, to be exact)! He is an amazing man. I feel like he was sent from my family. My love for cooking is finding its way back into my heart. I have a purpose. I have cooked many meals for him, but never my mashed taters. I said…never again.

But for some reason, I really felt the urge to share this with him. I was worried…would he like them or did my dad just say he loved them to humor me? I don’t know.

I planned a big meal and cooked up those taters. I pulled out my mom’s tater masher and felt so much love. As we started to indulge, my boyfriend looked at me and said, “Was it emotional for you to make these?” I am sure I clenched my jaws because he reached over and touched my shoulder.

It truly touched my heart that he remembered weeks back about what fixing those for my dad meant to be. I told him that I now have a purpose.

I know this blog may seem pointless in writing, but I felt the need to share. I truly told myself months ago I could never cook those again, but God has a way of changing things when you least expect it.

Never say never!

Peace out, Trout!

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