Kickin’ Hard

I did what I said…I ran three times this week….AND blogging after each one. I felt even more motivated today. I know next week I’m pretty much out of commission on running so I couldn’t pass up the moment.

Today was run #4. It rained a monsoon yesterday afternoon, and was cloudy for the most part this morning, until I decided to jump outside. Sun popped out bright. I felt an extra hitch to my step today. It could be that today is Friday and I survived a super busy week, or I am just happy to still run. Or I listened to an episode of The Real Brady Bros podcast instead of a true crime. You can never go wrong with the Brady Bunch.

One road was a crazy clusterfudge. Someone was moving out on a small cul-de-sac where at the same time a couple houses were having yard sales. Holy moly. I had to dodge that road and calculate where I could make up the distance.

The corner man who obsesses about his yard was literally on his hands and knees with scissors. Makes me wonder if he measures the length of the grass blades for perfect height. Seriously, dude, there has to be more to life than a perfect yard. I just shake my head as I pass. He’s not friendly so I don’t even care if he sees me shake my head. Good thing I’m wearing sunglasses or he would see my eyes roll around a million times.

I tack on a little extra block for distance at my turnaround spot so I don’t have to figure it out in the end. I know exactly where I should be at certain spots. I am always glancing at my watch to check my pace.

I was really feeling decent today. I’ll never feel ideal again, but I felt okay. As I was reaching my house, I saw my partner’s truck in the drive. That added extra drive to hurry up to see him. What a perfect end to my run! I made him do a selfie and he was like…”You are so sweaty. Take a shower!” hahaha

After I chatted with him for a while, I checked my time and was so happy with my pace. I was faster than I have been in a couple weeks. I knew I felt good the entire time. It’s nowhere the time I was weeks ago, or ever be again, but I’m so happy with what I did.

Today was a good day to run. My heart isn’t too broken today in disappointment of running ending. I am focusing on just the freedom of running today and not thinking of what tomorrow holds. Tomorrow isn’t here yet. Today I ran!

And I am freakin’ ass HAPPY! You can see it in my face. Peace out, Trouts!

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