Motivational Movement

I’m on a roll. Run #3 with a blog to boot. I know I won’t have a chance at all to run next week, so I’m really trying to get three runs this week. Hope to do it again on Friday.

Rain and thunder was pretty heavy most of the morning. I didn’t think it was ever going to slack off enough for me to get out for a run. As soon as I stepped out, it seems the clouds parted and blue skies above with the sun started shining bright.

I was excited knowing I’m able to do another run. My thought process is so different these days knowing there will eventually become an end. I don’t think too hard about it, or I’ll have an emotional breakdown. I don’t even talk about it to my boyfriend because I will start crying. At least he understands. He works out every single day. If he misses a workout, he gets edgy. I asked how he would felt if he could never lift weights again. His reply, “Miserable.” I said that’s exactly how I feel knowing running will end. But until then…I’m still hitting it. ha.

I remember in my early days of running, I would be quick out of the gate and gas out before the end. I got better over my years of running. There is no giddy to my up anymore. I just step as light and gingerly on the balls of my feet as I can. I take shorter strides to control the impact of my steps.

I know one thing I will NOT miss about running is this damn pine tree near my halfway mark. There’s this branch that hangs over the road when I am turning into a road for my turnaround spot. I have to duck or it will smack me in the face. You can tell me to go around it. Easier said than done. Anyone who is a runner knows juking over causes a loss of 100ths of a second. Time matters, even if I’m slow. More importantly, juking makes my joints hurt too much. I keep it on the straight and flat as much as possible. I get frustrated if a car isn’t paying attention and I have to jump up on sidewalk to dodge being hit (which happened today). My doctor told me when I first started being treated with my hip injections that I need to avoid hills and any up and downs as much as possible. I do my best.

I am obsessed with time, even though I’m slow. I still track every single run I do. Today was no exception. My pace is fourteen seconds slower than Monday, but a whopping three seconds faster than last Friday. GO ME! Seconds matter. I’ll take it. I worked over ten hours straight yesterday sitting at my desk going from one video call to the next. I was physically tired. I am not mentally tired yet because I cannot let my heart down on this running.

What the hell will I do when I no longer track my runs? I guess I’ll switch to tracking my walks. That should be fun, right?! Maybe I’ll blog about things I find on my walks. I see many crazy things from time to time. My neighbor found a set of dentures yesterday and sent me a picture. I laughed until I cried because her dog kept trying to pick them up.

Anywho…I finished the run. Forced a look. Sun was shining SUPER bright! Bring on the rain…I’m ready. (Metaphorically speaking!)

Motivation to keep blogging was found today. I’ll keep writing. It’s a great release and keeps others in the know of my boring life.

Peace out, Trouts!

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