Counting Up

I’m going to consciously write a blog each time I run now as I’m counting up to how many runs I can get in before surgery.

I’m contemplating not renewing my blog this fall. I have been writing on here for four years and sharing many ups and downs in life, but life is super busy. Writing has been a great outlet for sharing recipes, fun runs, and life struggles. When something feels like a chore, it’s time to hang it up. Making a point to write in my blog feels a bit of a chore to take the time to do it, but at the same time I constantly think of writing while I run.

Today was run #2 since I decided to start counting up. I wasn’t sure how I would run coming off the weekend. Humidity was still high, even though the temps were lower. I set out excited. I always start with a positive mindset.

This run felt the same as it has lately. My pace is slow..that’s a given, but I didn’t feel like I was dying. I constantly look around to see if anything is different. I did not see anyone outside. I may have only passed one car. Seemed odd for a Monday.

I consider myself healthy. I only take vitamins and no medications. I overpronate in my ankles, which is why I have sprained both ankles five times, and broken one of them last fall. I get that from my dad. He was healthy, except for those ankles. He broke his left many moons ago himself.

However, I have arthritis. I get that from my mom. I’m sure my ortho doctors are tired of me. I have multiple doctors who specialize in each of my joint issues, and I probably drive them all crazy. I never saw doctors until the last couple years and I have been a frequent flyer at that office. When the front desk knows you my name, there’s a problem. Let me tell you….I’m overly excited for the next appointment. <insert sarcasm>

The best part of running (wogging) today is the fact I didn’t have to stop to walk. In all honesty, it hurts more to walk than to run so I push my booty to get done. There was something different in today’s run. I was still sweating like a whore in church because of the humidity, but I didn’t feel as dead as prior runs. Maybe knowing the end is approaching, my mindset is truly enjoying each run. My heart is heavy, but my feet feel light.

I hope to get a couple more runs in this week, if the rain holds out for me. I’m taking a break next week as my schedule is just not allowing it…and I haven’t taken a break from running since I was released months ago. Going to use those days as a mental mindset.

My time was as I expected and actually faster than Friday. No complaints.

Most runs I feel miserable from exhaustion. My mindset is different now. Hard to contain my excitement when I ran another three miles and didn’t have to stop to walk. I am unsure exactly what I will do in the future, but for now I’m still running the streets.

Right before I showered, I saw a beautiful goldfinch hanging out at the feeder. I couldn’t resist this shot.

Until next time, peace out, Trouts!

2 thoughts on “Counting Up

  1. Julia

    Nancy, your blogs are always enjoyable – sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, sometimes poignant. I will miss them if you discontinue blogging. BUT….they’re your blogs and if they have transitioned into an obligation and no longer bring you joy, then I completely understand why you would be ready to move on. Whatever your decision, thanks for having the courage to share some of your life experiences with others. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awe! thank you. I appreciate that. And for that, I may continue. This makes me feel a purpose in them. I’m sure I’ll need to journal my hip journey. Typing a blog is much easier than finding time to journal in a book. I appreciate you so much. xoxo


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