Here For the Moment

My blog writing has slowed. Work is busy and I’m trying to slow down to enjoy life. I am rarely on the computer after hours. When I run, I always tell myself I’m going to blog about this moment, but then I just take a technological break from life and never follow through.

I know I have mentioned in prior blogs about having to give up running because of my hip deterioration. I feel like I’m counting down to my final run…or counting up to see how many I have left in me. I’ll officially make this number one.

I was smiling before…

I had another painful X-ray guided injection back in May. I just haven’t been the same. My running is gradually slower. I tried to walk once a couple weeks ago. However, when I run, I strike with the ball of my foot for a more gingerly landing. When I walk, I’m a heel striker. (Who isn’t?!) The pain was nearly unbearable and I could barely get 2 miles in walking and that was only because I walked a mile out and had to walk back home.

I went for my physical last week. My doctor reviewed my MRI from last August to the scans from my last injection and the deterioration is worse. I know I can feel it on the daily. I struggle pivoting out anymore. I wanted to make it to 50 before I had a hip replacement. It seems this may occur before I’m 50.

My doctor said even walking will become much worse if I wait because the degeneration is increasingly getting worse. I had a moment where I broke down and then I immediately wanted to get right to it.

I don’t have a date yet but I know it will be in the next six months.

While I was pushing through a run, that’s all I thought about… When will I have my last run? I plan to run the day before my surgery because I know that will be my final one. However, my doctor assured me once I am healed, I will be able to walk without the pain I have today. That’s reassuring.

I finished at my slowest time in years.

Humidity was a bit powerful today. Heat index was over a 100 degrees. I can say that was a factor in being slow, but who am I kidding?! I always loved running in this weather more than anything.

Positive side is I didn’t walk. I wogged the entire time. Not sure I could call that running, but I wasn’t walking. That makes my heart smile a little, even though my after picture was forcing a look on my face. I was just glad to be done!


As I walked in the house to catch my breath, I wondered when would be my last run. I’ll keep doing it until I can no longer do it. I’ll have to be forced to hang up my running shoes.

Until then, I’ll keep pounding the pavement. The last moment was peaceful as I saw a tiny butterfly on one of my coneflowers. Made my heart smile. I needed that.

I’m positive on my walking future. I have to be. One day I’ll switch from Wonder Woman to Bionic Woman!

Peace out, Trouts!

2 thoughts on “Here For the Moment

  1. Julia

    I don’t wog, I just walk, and your times are still waaay faster than mine! When you finally retire, you should make a special trip to Milltown IN to add your shoes to the Shoe Tree.

    Liked by 1 person

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