Hotter than a …

If you’re an Alan Jackson fan or just know country music, than the title of this blog needs no other explanation.

Welcome the mighty Midwest, home of HHH – hazy, hot, and humid. This girl will never complain. I’m solar-powered and need this for full functionality. (I learned that from one of my coworkers.) I loathe snow, ice, and just being cold, so bring on the heat. At least the heat index wasn’t over 100 when I stepped out. I did use my precautionary inhaler. The thick air weighs heavy on my lungs, literally.

But that won’t deter me from running…wogging really. I can feel every step now to be heavy. My weight is up. I won’t complain. I know some of it came from breaking my ankle, but in all reality, life is good. I’m at a healthy weight, as some tell me. This time last year, I was pretty thin. I was grieving. I was overworked, overstressed, and flat out overwhelmed. I was alone with no one to share my life. Today I am happier than I ever imagined. Life is really being good to me and I’m going to relish in these rewards. If that means adding extra pounds, I’ll accept that.

I started off smiling as I always do. I’m happy to still be able to run. I’m thankful and blessed.

I only saw one person outside while I ran. He was watering his yard. He gave a friendly wave. I kinda wanted him to spray me down, but the vision may have looked awkward to passers by. He’s obsessed with that yard, but his tenacity pays off. He has the nicest yard on the block. I just hope he takes time to live a little. It’s just grass.

I really do feel every step. I mentally know of my hip limitations. And I must subconsciously favor my left ankle, the one I broke. When I get back from running, I have odd blisters from how I land. I must do a better job.

When I finished today, my time was the slowest it has been in two years. But I did it and I didn’t walk, even though a turtle could walk faster than I ran today. However, I don’t plan to race one anytime soon.

I didn’t have the energy to smile but at least I’m still standing. That means something, right?!

Stay hydrated. It’s hotter than a hoochie coochie.

Until next time…peace out, Trouts!

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