Staying at it

I’m still running. AMA – but I’m still running. I just had my second X-ray injection a couple weeks ago and not sure what happened. I feel slower and just not myself. However, it could also be the high humidity has set in around here. I don’t know, but I’ll still stay at it.

My first steps on the pavement are some of the toughest anymore. I feel every step until I can find my groove. I was happy to see the sunshine after rain this morning. I pretend I’m jumping from cloud to cloud to make each step lighter.

I tried a new podcast today. I’m not hating on it, just not a fan. The first twenty minutes was idle chit chat before the story started. My runs are only 30-32 minutes. i was a little frustrated.

Okay…I have complained enough. Channeling my positivity.

I love my neighborhood. Most of them are friendly and wave when I see them. I remember an elderly guy last year would always give me a thumbs up or tell me I was doing a good job when I would see him out mowing his yard. I knew I hadn’t seen him this year. I thought maybe we were missing each other. Today I noticed a realtor sign in front of his home. dang it. I don’t know if he passed away or moved into a home. I hope the latter. I’m going to miss seeing him. I watched for him during each of my runs.

I hadn’t seen a feather since one of my runs last year. I always think it’s my mom letting me know she’s near. I noticed I hadn’t seen a feather this year. Today on my run, I didn’t find one feather, I found two feathers. They were literally in my path. Thanks, Mom, I needed both of these today

I have a habit of watching my clock to see my time. I know I’m slower, but I just need to know where I am.

Weatherman called for high humidity today. That was no joke. However, I am so proud I didn’t have to walk, even though I probably could have walked faster than I ran.

When I finished, I took a second to catch my breath. Gracie Mae and I walked out back to soak in the moment. Yes, I just ran a slow three miles, but I ran. One day I won’t be able. I am thankful for all of those little wins in my life, no matter how small they may be. Moments are memories.

I am so thankful I have the ability to do what I do. I am so thankful for the memories of my former neighbor giving me a thumbs up during the hottest days last year. I am thankful my mom let me know two different times she was thinking of me. Sometimes I worry she may forget about me here.

Until next time, peace out, trouts!

2 thoughts on “Staying at it

  1. Julia

    Gratitude will always carry you through a tough run! You’re an inspiration to everyone around you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts via your blog. I don’t always comment, but I read every one of them.

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