Free to run

Let’s pause to think of all the soldiers who died for our freedoms. Freedom to write this blog. Freedom for my rights. I salute and honor you all.

Now I shall begin my post. I haven’t written lately. Traveling for work and then I had to take a short break due to my damn hip issues delayed this.

I got my last X-ray guided injection last August so I was long overdue for this one. I think breaking my ankle is part of the reason. I didn’t run for more than four months.

Yes running causes hip pain. The severe degeneration will not get better, but I won’t stop running until the hip replacement. Yes, I’m stubborn. Tell me something I don’t know.

I had a new injection last Tuesday. I was able to see up close how significant the disease is up close. Zero cartilage where the ball is on the inner part of socket. Those injections are painful. They go directly into the joint. The injection spot is marked in the X-ray image. My hip ached all night and was nearly unbearable. But it helps delay hip replacement, for now.

But I won’t stop running. I can’t stop. it’s going to hurt anyway.

I was nervous to start off on hip. I tried to be conscious of it. Today was amazingly gorgeous. Perfect temps for me (86!) I love summer! I had to hit the pavement for self-nourishment.

I love my friendly neighborhood. Everyone waxes. Many were planning for Memorial Day festivities. You should pause again to think of those who gave their lives for us.

I could tell I was slower. Was it my hip? Was it the weather? I’m not sure but I kept on running. Crime Junkie was blaring in my ears to keep mind off the struggle. I fought hard to not look at watch. That gives me anxiety if I know I’m slower than normal. but I could it. Dang it.

I pushed through with the sun beating down on me. Running hurts so good. This is why I run. The freedom I feel I while running is unlike anything.

As I was getting closer to my house, I glanced up and saw my love out front waiting on me and even cheered me home. That made my heart smile to know he cared so much.

My time was slower than normal, as I expected. But I still did it. That’s what matters. I have someone who told me he was proud of me, especially after I told him I was slower. He continues to build me up. How did I get so lucky?

I know hip replacement is in my future. I will do my best to push through the pain till early 2024. The thought of never running again absolutely kills me.

So until then…peace out, trouts!

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