Starting off right

I’m not into the ‘new year, new me’ saying. It’s still me; but I just need to do better. Who doesn’t?

I didn’t do the elliptical for a week. I knew I had a big event a few days ago that would test my walking abilities so I made sure I rested my new hip as much as I could.

Yesterday I was nervous to tackle the elliptical, but just had to get back on it.

I watch Brady Bunch while I’m exercising. I have always been a huge fan. As a poor kid, I lived vicariously through them. I knew when I was an adult, I would do whatever it took to see Pearl Harbor and Grand Canyon. (I achieved both goals!) Brady Bunch always gave me a sense of fun and happiness in the middle of craziness. I can still sing all the songs, and I do.

I am teaching my mind that doing the elliptical is good for me. I’m entering 2023 with a new hip so I must also enter with new exercise strategies. I’m getting into a schedule of alternating days of lifting and cardio. I have 11 pounds of surgery recovery weight to get off. Whew.

My goal in exercising is not only for health, but for mental stability. Running was my true escape from reality. It was 30 minutes of freedom with only the road and me. I constantly remind myself this when I’m on the elliptical and get lost in my green shag carpet boxed set of my favorite episodes of fun.

I cringe when I see people complaining about how crowded the gyms are right now with all the resolutioners, as I call them. I know people want to start over with a new year. We should encourage them and not discourage and bitch. That person trying out a gym for the first time, or even for the millionth time, may just need a word of encouragement to keep them focused. How are we being kind when we ridicule? I have never understood the complaints. You must live in a glass house of perfection, and walk like Jesus.

I finished the year yesterday doing two miles on the elliptical and it took just over 32 minutes. I’ll take it. It’s much better than I did just a week prior.

Any progress is progress.

As we start 2023, please do something to show kindness. The simplest things go a long way: allow someone in front of you at the store, smile at a stranger, or even wave. Even if someone doesn’t acknowledge your effort, just know in your heart you did the right thing.

I was a little dead after the elliptical, but still so content, just like the Brady family.

Peace out, trouts!

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